Stable Summit


Michael Egorov

FounderCurve Finance

Stani Kulechov

CEO and FounderAave Labs

Guy Young

Co-FounderEthena Labs

Julien Bouteloup

FounderStake Capital Group

Stuti Pandey

PrincipalKraken Ventures

Anthony Apollo

Executive DirectorWyoming Stable Token Commission

Sam MacPherson

Co-Founder and CEOPhoenix Labs

Martin Carrica

Co-Founder and CEOMountain Protocol

Emilio Frangella

VP of EngineeringAave Labs

Sébastien Derivaux

Founding ChefSteakhouse Financial

Wormhole Oracle

ManagerLlama Risk

Martin Krung

BD & PartnershipsCurve Finance

Romain Figuereo


Joao Reginatto

Chief Strategy OfficerM^0 Labs

Ermin Nurovic

Co-FounderFlat Money

Matt Dobel

Business DevelopmentGauntlet

Walter Li

Data ScientistGauntlet

Paul Frambot

CEOMorpho Labs

Charles Jansen

Head of DeFi TransformationS&P Global

Cyrille Brière

Community Boosterf(x) Protocol

David Utrobin

Head of Business DevelopmentThe Ajna Protocol

Alessandro Buser


Christian Duffus


Ariah Klages-Mund

Co-founderSuperluminal Labs (developer of Gyroscope)

Chunda McCain

Co-FounderIon Protocol

Nick Van Eck


Marcin Kazmierczak

Co-founderRedStone Oracles

Matt Gurbiel

Head of BDRedstone Oracles

Token Brice

DeFi StrategistThe DeFi Collective

Ghazi Ben Amor

VP Corporate DevelopmentZama SAS